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Silicone Survivors Links

Silicone Survivors Links

While I do not agree with most of the opinions at the sites listed here, I link to them in the spirit of fairness, so that women can see all of the information out there and decide for themselves what risks are real.

By following these links, you should be able to access the majority of the sites that are against breast augmentation. Please note that we don't link to the hundreds of plaintiff's attorneys' pages in the Dow Bankruptcy trial. We found that more and more of them were coming up "not found" after the release of the Institute of Medicine's report on breast implants.

After reading the "proof" of disease at these sites, read the report of the Institute of Medicine, under the main section of my internet links. Judge for yourself whether one positioned seems more researched and unbiased than the other.

Humantics Foundation: http://www.humanticsfoundation.com

Silicone Holocaust: http://www.siliconeholocaust.org

The Food & Drug Administration's - Breast implants, And informational Update - http://www.fda.gov/

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