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What Kids Think About Breast Augmentation

What Kids Say About Breast Implants   

One of our visitors was kind enough to compile a bunch of cute things that our kids (and husbands) say when confronted with the issue of our breasts . . .

Hey Nicole: I love your site! Thank you for it!

Here's a story for you:

My boys are 10, 7 and 5 and they have no idea that I have new boobies...My story takes place "before" surgery. When my 10 year old was about 6 he saw me in the shower...He said to me, "Mommy, doesn't the baby's milk come from the mommy's "owies"?" (When I was nursing his little brothers, I would say "ow" alot because it hurt sometimes, so naturally he began to call boobies - "owies" - my husband and I never corrected him) So, I answered him by saying, "Yes, sweetie, you're right!" His so honest reply was, "Well, I guess you're all out of milk!!!!" I could've died! He was absolutely right! That night I made my decision to get me some more milk! (smile)


I went grocery shopping today for the first time since my BA (family has been doing it for me). Any Hoo, I took my five-year-old twins with me to help me out.

The bagboy is putting the groceries in the trunk for me. I say apologetically, "I usually would help you, but I just had surgery and I can't lift anything until my 'back' is better."

My son, Zack, with legs apart and hands on his hips looks at me sternly and says, "Mommy, no lying!!" (At least he is listening to me) Then he turns to the bagboy and states, "My mommy got new breaths!" And he really said breaths. I hope the bagboy thinks I had lung surgery or something. I shop there all the time.

Wendy w/Twins

My 4 year old, Jack has always had a way with charming the ladies. Everywhere he goes, women are drawn to him. He smiles and draws them in, hits them with a compliment and then moves on to the next. A week ago, we were shopping at LaSenza for bras. I usually end up dragging him shopping with me so he is used to waiting outside my half open change room door. This time I looked through the crack of the change room door and saw he was not there.

In a panic, I rushed out to see where he went. I could hear him talking to another woman. As I looked down towards the other change rooms, I noticed just his legs sticking out from under the door. He was laying on his back looking up a some poor woman trying on items. I could hear him say to her "if you bought new boobies like mummy, you would have a place to keep money and snacks" I know where he got the "money" thing from because he saw me do that once but the "snacks" thing??????? No idea. He is no longer the lady charmer. He's doing sales for Mentor.


Went to the PS's two weeks after my BA. My stitches had popped and I had to have them re-sewn. It was on a Sunday and his daughter was there, she is 6. He asked if I minded if she was in the room, and I said no, as long as she doesn't mind. He told me she has been watching ever since she was born. Anyway, she kept me chatty and not even thinking about what was going on, which was a Godsend! When he moved on to the right breast, his daughter could see...the conversation is as follows:

"Daddy, what is that thing in there?" He said, "Well, its a balloon." She says, "Can I have it?" He says, "No, you can't have it." She says, "Can we pop it?" "NO, NO! We can't pop it either!"

Then he told her to mind her Ps and Qs. I was laughing so hard, he had to wait for me to quit before he could begin to suture!


I was sitting at my PC one Saturday researching my B/A, searching thru the Photo Gallery on Nicole's Website. Robert is outside on the Lanai having his morning cup of coffee. The house is very quiet because the kids are still in bed, so I am safe to look at "nekkid breasts", or so I thought!!!! I was so engrossed with the photos, that I didn't hear my son (13 at the time) and daughter (8 at the time) walking thru the house. My Office was actually in the Dining Room/Living Room, so you can't help but see what someone is looking at on the PC. Well, to my horror, my 13 year old is standing behind me looking at the same thing I am! Yep, "nekkid breasts". He calmly calls out to my husband, "Robert, Mom is trying to buy Hooters on the internet".

Now we have a very open relationship with our children, so they already knew that I was going to have a B/A. He then turned to his sister and said, "Now Haley, you know you don't have to go to school and tell everyone that Mom is buying Hooters on the internet". I then closed the screen out, and didn't do anymore researching until LATE at night while they were safely asleep in their beds.

Hope You got as much of a kick out of this as we did.


I have a funny one. After my BA my 2.5 year old asked if boys have big boobies. I said no, only girls have big boobies. He looked at me and said, "So you used to be a boy and then you went to the Doctor and he made you a girl!"


The other day I was getting my son ready for school and I got a pain in my boob (4 days post) so I grabbed it and moaned. My son (who's2) looked up at me in horrer and I said "It's OK, mommies boobs just hurt" He then looked at me and said "Mommy need a band-aid?". It was cute! That same night I grabbed my boob agian in pain and without saying anything my son left the room and brought back a band-aid!! LOL It was so sweet that I went ahead and put it on my boobie!! heehee.

Michelle =)

I decided to have my ba, so I had my husband take some "before" pics for me one night. The next morning while I was still sleeping, my 9 yr old daughter came in my room and saw the pics (OOPS!). I then decided to tell my 4 children (3 girls age 5,9 and11 and a boy, 7) what I was having done, so they wouldn't think mommy was a pervert or something. I gathered them all in the living room, and told them I was getting new boobies. The three girls started asking questions like how long was I gonna be hurting and can they help, and several other questions. I then asked my son if he had any questions. He said yes.....Mommy, can we PLEASE stop talking about BOOBIES?!?

haha I thought it was cute!


My 13 year old son had a good friend over to spend the night last year. I've known this boy, Danny, since he was a baby. I'm like a 2nd mom to him. Well, interestingly enough, my son never even noticed my BA, but it became obvious that Danny noticed it that evening when I was in my nightgown and ran into the boys in the kitchen fixing themselves a little late-night snack. Danny very obviously stared at my nipples poking through my nightgown (not a sexy one, mind you... just lightweight cotton). My son noticed him staring and screamed, "DUDE! DON'T GET WEIRD ON ME! THAT'S MY MOM! WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT?!!"

Ms. French

I am the mother of five-year-old identical twin boys. My screen name on this site has been Wendyw/"Twins" ever since I received a license plate frame from my nephew that reads, "If you think I'm cute, check out my 'twins'".

About 1 week after by BA, my best male friend, Patrick, comes over to check on me. I bring up the ImplantInfo website and show him how cool it is to have so many other women to discuss this issue with. He starts cracking up about my screen name, and I explained to him, with my boys playing in the same room as us, why I chose it. He now refers to my chest as the "twins", also, quite often in front of my boys.

Obviously, my children have been listening to my conversations and going-ons a little better than I realize. We were over at the park pool for my children's swimming lessons. As usual, someone approaches me and asks, "Are they twins?" I, of course, answer, "Yes, they are."

My little Joshua's head spins around, eyes squinted, and asks, "You talking about me or..." then points at my bosom, "THEM?"

I am on the computer and chatting with you sweet ladies. My five-yr-old twins come in and start bugging me to use the computer so they can play their Spiderman game. I say, "Give me a sec, guys, I am almost done."

Josh says to me, "Mommy, whatchadoooooing? Are you working?"

"No, babe, I am just talking to other ladies who had breast surgeries also."

"Mommy," Zack asks, "What do they do with the old boobies?"

"Well, it depends-" I begin to explain.

"No, no," he interrupts, "I mean do they go into the regular garbage or the recycle bin??"

Love Always,

Last week my husband came into the kitchen and I had a box of minute rice on the counter. He was like, "Oh goodie! are we having your chicken and rice casserole??" I held up my stretched out knee high and said "no..this is for my boobs!" The look on his face was priceless and the look on his face with 500ccs of rice in my bra was even more priceless.

My son found my curves by mistake I left them out on in our upstairs bathroom after I went to the beach. He just came over to me at the computer and asked me, "What are these?" with a big smile on his face. (He's seven)I said, "Those are things I put in my bathing suit to make it look better". He holds them in his hands and squishes them and said, "Oooh, I like these." I guess he's a man in training, huh?


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