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Breast Implants & Breast Augmentation Stories from Our Visitors

Male Visitors' Stories -- Sex Man (a.k.a. Loving Caring Man):

This is an email from "The Sex Man":

Hi, this is my second time on this forum, and for those that read my first post, a.k.a., caring, loving man. Here we are, five days post and our doctor says that if he had had this surgery, he would have been dead. My lady so far is going through different changes; she cannot lie down on her back. She feels most comfortable in our lazy boy. Thank god we have a laptop so she can be as comfortable as possible. We have been doing a few sexy things to the extent of, I'm thinking it's sexy but it is basically rubbing her breasts with anti bacterial lotion.

What I want to tell any of you men out there that you need to give support in such a way that you are giving support. Now, what is support? Is support, "gosh Honey, I know you're uncomfortable?" I don't just mean that. Support is after someone has major surgery of this type, that you expect someone to come in and make it better. The fact of the matter is it will be better and the sex will probably be great. But, think about this, go shopping for food that YOU can cook. Make sure you have enough nutritious food, eggs, toast, fruit, cantaloupe, papaya, nothing acidic -- natural nutritious things.

Maybe your idea is different. But make sure you wait on her hand and foot for the first few days. A good way to monitor the fluid intake she is having is to buy the 2 1/2 gallon of purified store bought water. You will be amazed at the amount she drinks. Never let her glass get more then halfway empty. Anyway, think about nutrition and make sure she gets enough fluids and that she is getting three squares a day. Be ready to get up in the middle of the night a few times. I would advise a night-light so that when she wakes up she is not sitting in the darkness.

There are probably more things you can do. How is she going to take a shower? Don't let her take a shower alone. Help her if there is a step. Help her wash her hair and dry it. Make sure that she is kept warm and no bugs have a way in, this is, in case you have not realized it, major surgery. In my opinion, the first week is the most important. She's waited on you hand and foot, or maybe just hand, and now this is your time to think about her. The sex stuff will come later. Take care of your lady and as always, she will take care of you.

One more time, nutrition, plenty of liquid intake, non-acidic, apple juice is good, but plenty of water, especially in the first few days. Plenty of rest, this is major surgery. Wait on her hand and foot. Remember you will be reaping the fun down the road and this is the way it should always be in a partnership. Because me, I call myself the Sex Man, but I am thinking, DOWN THE ROAD, and this is the road together, support your partner. If you have made this decision for whatever reason, and a little extra fun, a little added zip, make sure she doesn't suffer any more then she has to. Remember, again this is major surgery. You don't need to be in a panic about it just make sure she gets enough nutrition, liquids and rest. Make it happen. This is the caring, loving man....I mean, the Sex Man, speaking from experience. -BREAK A LEG- 

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