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Male Visitors' Stories -- Randy in the 'Lone-Star State'

Hello everyone! My name is Randy and my wife had her BA a little over a year ago. I've been lurking around the forum ,or looking over my wife's shoulder sometimes, at what a lot of you are asking, posting or learning here, and I have to say that I have learned a lot about women! All good I might add. A lot of my wife's girlfriends would like to have a BA also and I must say that I was quite astonished at the reactions of most of the husbands. The men would say things like "I don't like fake boobs" or "You don't need bigger boobs" or something to that effect. As if her wanting to be a larger size has anything to do with them anyway!

In my humble opinion, from what I've learned in the past year, is this. Most women have a BA for them and not the husbands or S.O.'s. Which is the way it should be. But the men for some reason think its about what the men want! Most women want to have a BA so that they will feel better about themselves and I think if this is want your wife or S.O wants you should be totally supportive of what she wants period!

My wife, before her BA was the most wonderful person I knew, and her size was just fine with me. I always liked her the way she was. The idea at first when she was contemplating a BA was very exciting for me! Wow! As wonderful as she is now but even bigger up top! Oh yeaaaaaa! But the more we talked about it and went to a consultation the more I got nervous about the idea.

I was really more scared to tell the truth than she was the day of the surgery. I paced the floor and could not be still the whole time until it was over. I really wanted to make sure before the surgery that this was what she wanted and not doing this because of me. I really encouraged her to do this because she acted as though she was really excited about it.

Well for about the first year she was really sensitive especially the nipple area and it was a little frustrating because I always wanted to touch and it was always different day to day on how I could touch them. One day it felt good this way and the next that way didn't feel good so I just had to deal with it......if I wanted the boobie! ha ha.

It took about a year for them to settle down and feel right. But definitely worth the wait. I must say that I have seen a definite improvement in my wife's self image as well as the way she gets excited about going shopping for new clothes! Oh yea the new clothes, well let me tell ya, Don't let your wife or your S.O. get a BA unless you are totally prepared and I mean totally to have her go shopping 2-3-or even four times a week for new clothes because nothing fits anymore-yea right! Well I guess it doesn't -- being them babies are so much larger!! I really didn't complain because she has started wearing very nice things now since her BA that I've wanted her to wear for a long time.

What I can tell you, is you should become very well informed before you have a BA and the man should be also. Learn the pros and cons about it and the possible complications and then if you feel comfortable with them then I say go for it! Coming to Nicole's forum is the first step in informing yourself with the facts of this procedure. I can't help but get hooked on reading the forum like my wife to see what everyone is posting and I must tell you we met some very nice and good people from here that we will be friends with for life.

Thanks Nicole and John for starting this forum because it has informed me and my wife and has given us many people from which we can learn of their experiences too. This has been a very good experience for us and I must say that it is even more fun together now because she likes the way she looks now.

From the big state of TEXAS - -Your secret agent------Randy 

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