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Breast Implants & Breast Augmentation Stories from Our Visitors

 Male Visitors' Stories - 'Twas the Night Before (Breast) Implants

Twas the night before surgery and Jules was online
Getting assurance from Bosom Buddies that all would be fine
She had thrown out her lingerie; her bra drawer was bare
In hopes that some D cups soon would be there.

I had drifted to sleep and all snug in my bed
While visions of her cleavage danced in my head
Then all of the sudden there arose such a clatter
I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter.

Jules was enraged, breathing fire with eyes red
Holding high our computer up over her head
Then quickly she turned and gave it a toss
out the window it flew a complete total loss!

"I AM SICK OF THIS!" She said and she started to yell!
"And if you don't like it you can go straight to #$%*"
"Under or over?! Teardrop or round?!!"
Smooth or rough?!! The options astound!"

She was out of control; I trembled in fear
Her eyes met mine as she motioned me near
"C's AND D's, DOUBLE D's and G's!
Did you know it depends on my choice of CC's!??"

I nodded my head like I understood what she meant
Then she took off again with more anger to vent
"And that is not all! There is much more by far!
Do you know I even have to choose my own scar?!"

In mid sentence she stopped and looked out into the night
Through the just broken window at a soft glowing light
The light was floating on air and into the room flew
and a Fairy materialized in front of us two!

He looked like a bit harried and wore a bra on his head
That kept out the cold and his ears warm and red
His cheeks they were rosy and he had a beer belly
That jiggled like implants that are filled with real jelly

"I am the Boob Fairy, his voice said with a smile
And I have been listening tonight for quite a long while."
"I have heard you dear Julie and I have a great gift
Two D's soft and perky with just the right lift!"

Then he dumped out his bag and boobs hit the floor
There were dozens and hundreds, perhaps even more!
I saw tata's, and titties, melons, and bazooms,
knockers, and puppies, and orbs, and balloons!

He picked up a pair and said, "now these are the best!"
And waved his magic wand and touched it to her chest
"Now go to bed my dear Julie, without a worry or care
cause tomorrow in surgery the Boob Fairy will be there"

"All of your choices will be right ones, as you will quickly see
For I watch over all the Bosom Buddies most personally"
Then he turned with a jerk and back out the window flew
In a flash the window and computer both were like new.

We ran to the window having not yet spoke a word
Opened it quickly and out in the distance we heard
"Sleep well my dear Julie, tonight you can rest!
Merry implants for all and for all a good chest".

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