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Male Visitors' Stories - Kari's Hubby (Sam)

I do not care if it is silicone, saline, or whatever. When I am intimate with my wife and am enjoying her breasts, I am not thinking about what is in there! To me, fatty tissue and glands (when you really imagine it) is no better than silicone or saline. When we are talking about physical appearance, we are not thinking about what is inside. Men are not that deep about it. We are talking about how they look.

If you are worried about how they feel, then I will be even more candid with you...LOL! For the record, I have been FAITHFULLY married to my wife for 7 years. But, before I met her, and made some serious life changes, I was a bit wild. I was with many women with many different shapes and sizes of breasts. I have seen natural breasts that looked more fake than most fake ones, and were very firm and solid. So much so, that they barely moved and had no hang or overlap.

To let you in a little more on the secret world of the male mind... when guys are having locker room talk about their exploits and experiences, most often the boob of choice are the ones that are just too perfect, or too good to be true. Most (not all) of them preferred the firm, full, perky ones. Maybe its a symbol of youth and a woman's sexual prime.... who knows for sure, but I can say that it seems to be what most men prefer. That is why there is Playboy, Miracle Bra's and sadly, TV shows like Baywatch (which I find to be a little insulting to my manhood... we do appreciate more than nice bouncing boobs).

Now, with all this said, I love my wife's body and her breasts (she is pre BA). I married her for her, not her boobs. But, that is not to say I will not enjoy her new and improved ones. I could be all high and mighty and say I do not care, but any man who says that is lying. If my wife told me I am the most attractive man on earth, I would not believe her. I know that I am more attractive than some, and less attractive than others. Yet, knowing this, I am totally secure around other more attractive men, because she chose me... not Antonio Banderas! Now, if I can improve on what I have, that is great... bonus. I just know it is not a necessary thing for her to love me more, but an enhancement of an already good thing. That is what a BA is to me. I don't NEED her breast to be any bigger, better, or firmer. But, yes, I would enjoy them a bit more if they were. So will she! I will also enjoy her more in and out of bed, because of the emotional confidence boost it will give her. I hope you ladies can understand where I am coming from. I hope you are not too shocked! LOL.


Absolutely not! It has been an all around great experience. My wife got her BA done by Dr. Dowden in Cleveland via the TUBA (belly button) method. We had to fly out of state, but it was not a problem. She ended up getting 430 and 440 cc smooth, round, under the muscle, saline implants. She is a full 34D. They look and feel great! The recovery was much easier with TUBA than we anticipated. Dr. Dowden was a total genius and artist. Even as a picky husband, I was totally at ease with him performing the surgery for my wife.

We went over the sizing issue quite extensively. 8 hours of info over two consults. I was impressed with how thorough he is about getting you what you want. She tried on the sizers filled at different levels in different bras with different sets clothes on. This was a great idea and really helped us get an idea of the look we liked. The end result was like he took what we had in our minds eye and put it on her! Amazing!

Now, we are both really enjoying the additions. My wife was a hottie to begin with, but I will admit that the boobs accentuate her look even more. And this is coming from a butt man! When she gets all dressed up and we hit the town for a romantic evening, look out! Not only is she looking better, but more importantly she feels much more womanly and sexy. The BA gave her an enhanced look and attitude! She has never been insecure, or unhappy with her looks, but this has really impacted her confidence level. Don't get me wrong...she is not vain or stuck on herself, but just excited about the way she looks and how much better clothes fit.

As for the feel, it is great. You don't grab her breast and think "uugghh I can feel something in there!". It is not noticeable. They bounce and jiggle nicely. They are just great. For those of you considering this, go for it! Just make sure you do your research! Also, my wife sore silicone inserts in her bra for a month or so. She was not used to having boobs, and originally thought she would go for a C. After wearing a C for a week or so, she realized that it was not quite what she wanted. She was initially scared of the big letter D! Well, she ended up going for it and loves it! She is very petite...only 5'4" and 107 lbs. Believe it or not, we come from a pretty conservative circle of friends and family and chose not to tell everyone. It has been no problem to keep it a secret..even with the D!

Kari's hubby,

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