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Male Visitors' Stories - Proud Papa

One day later....

It's 24 hours since we got home, and all is well. Yesterday, however, it was a much different story. We had to be at the hospital at 10:00am for surgery at 11:15. It was a 45 minute drive to get there, and I couldn't help but thinking on the way there how much it reminded me of the time my wife went into labor with our first son. I was so nervous driving to the hospital. I quickly did a mental inventory of the things I had remember to bring...a bucket (guess), a box of Kleenex, a pillow, water, and other assorted comforts for the painful ride home. Finally...we were there, and the surgery was delayed by 30 minutes. How tense I was ( I suppose my wife was too).

My wife did her best to keep my nerves under control...holding my hand, rubbing my arm. I needed to be comforted. My wife remarked that seeing nurses in their sterile gowns and masks made her nervous. I said that at least it was better than them looking like the people who work in our favorite butcher shop. At last they called her name and 'our' time had come. A pleasant nurse came out with a small tablet in a small cup (ativan)...whew, finally something to calm my nerves. To my surprise, it was for my wife who was cool, calm and collected already. I waved as she escorted my wife to a back room.

A moment later, my wife reappeared, only to give me a tender kiss farewell. I haven't felt this nervous in many years. I was allowed to peer into the operating room while they hooked her up to a variety of pipes and hoses. They asked me to leave when it came time to slide a tube down her throat...I agreed and decided to take a long walk. I wandered the streets and shops for a couple hours, trying not to think or worry about how she might be doing. I found a shop that had sexy looking animal-print teddies. The clerk asked me "what size?...to which I replied "I'm not sure...but fairly large...I hope!"

A couple of hours later, I returned to the waiting room...to wait! I paced the floor, anxiously, awaiting a doctor or nurse to appear and give me the answer I was waiting to hear. Alas, the doctor appeared....."everything went well...my wife and the TWINS were all great!" YIPPEE!! I couldn't wait to see all three of them...but I was told I had to wait for her to wake-up in the recovery room. I was thinking..."Leopard Prints"..."bikinis"....etc! It would be like going to bed with a new person...how cool! When I was finally allowed to see her, she was right out of it. I could just catch a slight glimpse of her new cleavage...but I really liked what I saw. I coulda jumped right onto the gurney with her at that point! That's when the nurse then told me to come back in another hour (where would I find a cold shower in the mean time?).

When I returned, I was informed that she ready to be discharged. I was to move my car to the "LOADING ZONE", and wait for them to deliver her (and the twins) to me. She was duly delivered, and off we drove. The ride home was uneventful, but I did find the water useful, as I seemed to get very thirsty. I couldn't help but continuously glancing over to catch a glimpse of "them". How great!

Finally, we all were home, safe and sound! I got my first good look at "the twins"...and how great they were, albeit a bit hard and bruised. We started right in with the pain medications. I had a giant bouquet of roses delivered to the house to celebrate the occasion. All was well...for the time being! It didn't take long before the 'freezing' started to wear out, and the pain started. The pain was followed by sudden bursts of vomiting. I couldn't help but feel bad (and guilty somehow), and most thankful to be a man. Not to have to endure child birth or monthly periods, or boob-jobs (mind you, cutting the lawn and changing the oil, ain't no walk in the park either.)

It was 10:00 pm and I was exhausted from so many trips to the kitchen to satisfy her seemingly never-ending need for ginger ale and fresh ice-packs. I crashed on the bed beside her, into a deep, deep sleep. At the stroke of midnight I was rudely awakened by a loud groan followed by an elbow to the face. More pain...more vomiting! After this latest round subsided, we were both able to get a good nights sleep...until, say 5:30 AM, which seemed like heaven.

Today has been almost great. The pain is now controllable, and she has ceased to vomit. I am still making plenty of trips to the kitchen, and am starting to get the feeling that she may be milking the situation, knowing my over-riding desire to nurse the twins (and her) back to health. However, right now I am fine with that.

My wife is a truly extraordinary person who I love more than anything. I can hardly wait for her to get back to 'normal', so that I can begin to get to know the 'twins' much better. Tomorrow, I am going back to my office and handing out cigars to all my mates. I think I'll pick-up another bunch of roses on the way home too, for this has truly been an extraordinary event!

I (we) MADE IT!!!! Proud Papa

10 Day Update

Well, it's been about 10 days since 'the big day', and all is well. My wife still has a bit of swelling, and I'm really surprised at how quickly everything else has healed. I have to say...I simply love 'our new friends'. My wife is all too eager to have them displayed, to the point whereby I frequently have to ask her to 'put them away'....you know, "too much of a good thing....!" These new additions to my wife's anatomy are precisely what I thought she needed. Her body has more balance, and there is less emphasis on her butt (it's cute too BTW). We just got back from the lingerie store...it's so much more fun shopping now! My wife now looks like one of those babes in Victoria's Secret catalogue. This weekend is our anniversary, so and we have a 'special' night planned.

I have been accused of being somewhat 'shallow' when it came to my wife's 'chest'...however, I always thought that honesty was the best policy (cough cough). So I voiced my preference to her a few months ago. I never realized how much breasts turned me on until I didn't have them (or much of them) any more. Now I have the "full meal deal" and I am the luckiest guy I know. Both my wife and I workout in the gym a fair bit. Through working out, we can consciously make changes to our bodies as we see fit. However, there are some things that can't be changed, without the benefit of surgery. So to 'tweak' her appearance by enhancing her chest, to us, is perfectly normal and acceptable. We are both extremely happy with the results.

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