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Breast Implants & Breast Augmentation Stories from Our Visitors

Male Visitors' Stories -- The 6-Week Bra

The Six Week Bra by Jill and Pete

There was a woman they say
Who decided to get a B.A.
Her boobs were sucked dry,
By her three small fry.
Zee ta-tas became boom-booms, hurray!

The surgeon he said, ”Magnificent they are”.
But taking off her bra, caused quite a jar.
The pain, bruising, and swell
They all made her yell,
“My boom-booms, they stick out too far!”

By the end of the 1st week, herself she is feeding.
Sex is still on the shelf and she’s pleading,
“Just give me my pills,
Forget any thrills,
You know I’m still too tender for breeding”.

For weeks without boobs to touch he is fated,
Lots of cold showers for him awaited.
She says, “For my boobs to be best,
You mop the floor, let me rest,
My libido is still vacated.”

In week number two, for sex they did strive.
She said, “This is tricky, better let me drive.”
The bra would not come undone,
But still they had fun.
“We did it, now don’t give me no jive!”

Week 3 is pleasant and full of glee.
She stops calling them “them”,
now they’re “me”
To her breasts she did bond,
And her size, became quite fond,
But they’re still off limits to he.

Week 5 is a wonderful time,
The nipples are now in line,
The hump at the top,
Did finally drop,
Now her breasts are really sublime!

By the 6th week all was finally okay.
She said,” Put the kids to bed early today.
I put that darn bra away in the drawer.
Come to bed and put the lock on the door,
My boom-booms are ready, let’s play!”

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