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Male Visitors' Stories - "Sweetheart, we have a problem. . ."

"Sweetheart," Margaret said, "we have a problem." This was devastating news after two years of marriage - what had I done? I'm not at all paranoid, but this is exactly what my first wife said as she was leaving.
"I have a ruptured implant." said Margaret. "What implant," I thought. "Oh, you mean the ones I've known about all along but you never told me...?"

Margaret was married for twenty years to a very violent man. After breast feeding two children, a number of breast biopsies and having been punched repeatedly in the sternum she had almost no breast tissue and a deformed sternum and lower rib cage. She had had two previous implant surgeries, in 1988 and 1992 (to replace failed implants). She had 175cc round saline overs. From the moment I first saw her I thought she was beautiful. The first night we slept together I knew she had implants because of the rippling. I never said a word, not because it was embarrassing, but because I knew Margaret would tell me when the time was right.

Post rupture we went together to the PS who was very professional. Margaret knew what she wanted. The surgery went well - we were both confident that the PS was good. Post-op Margaret was fine, although once the pain kicked in and the pain killers were administered she began that merry-go-round ride between pain, nausea and vomiting, caused mostly by sensitivity to opiate derivative drugs.

The first couple of nights we didn't get much sleep. Every time she moved I was awake and out of bed, ready for action as nursemaid.

We are now at day 12 post op and things are progressing well. There is still pain, but there are good moments too (especially when she has her bra off!) For the first time Margaret has a cleavage. She is a very full C, now. Already her self confidence has improved. She looks great in sweaters, and the prospect of being able to buy her some skin tight tops for summer is looking very good!

It has been exhausting, exciting, frustrating (because I feel so helpless when I can't do more to alleviate her discomfort). I was surprised on day three when I saw that little twinkle in Margaret's eyes. "Get naked!" she said. Who was I to argue. We have learned to be inventive and to take more time with each other. I was already adept at housework - although Margaret has refused to give up cooking and pottering by my side. She is bumping into things as never before (even me). We are both amused (after the pain subsides) because it is normally walls, doors, etc that jump out at ME.

This has been a great experience. It has opened up new areas of our relationship and created greater trust. It has been something which has drawn us closer than before - although our friends would doubt that was possible. I love Margaret's new breasts. I love Margaret more than anyone or anything else. For us, each day not only heals the breast pain, but heals older wounds as well.

Keep up the good work guys, and thanks so much to Nicole for this wonderful site.

Yours from Oz -

Neal, husband, lover and friend of Margaret.

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