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Male Visitors' Stories - Be Supportive!

My wife Tracy had her breast augmentation surgery on Sept. 12, 2000. It's only five days later and I can already see smiles on her face when she looks in the mirror. Although this wasn't the case for the first day or two. At first she was in panic. She was asking "What have I done to myself"? At first the were much larger than either one of us expected. She went from a B to a D. Of course most of the size was due to swelling but it was practically impossible to convince her of that at the time. So as any good post-op husband knows I had to deal with taking care of her, which I didn't mind at all, but the emotional roller coaster she was on was freaking me out. All she could say was, I've screwed
up. Look what I've done to myself.

Thankfully, a short 5 days later the swelling has subsided enough that now I see smiles on her face when she looks in the mirror. I must admit. It's put a few smiles on my face also. So if any of you guys run into this problem all you can do is be supportive and give it some time. You'll both reap the rewards. And if my wife happens to read this, I just want to say.....You look wonderful, before and after. And I love you very much.

L. D.

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