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Male Visitors' Stories - Happy Husband in Dallas!

It has been almost 4 weeks since my wife's surgery. It has been a surprisingly smooth experience. My wife received counseling and surgery from Dr. Stagnone at the Dallas Plastic Surgery Center (Dallas, Texas). The female counselor/ RN (who had also received implants) and Dr. Stagnone took great care to understand exactly how my wife wanted to look. They suggested a variety off considerations in helping my wife to determine the size and kind of implant to select, based upon her desired look. The whole time, my wife was in control. She wanted to fill out clothes but not look like a balloon, and she achieved exactly the look she wanted.

I recommend that of course you take off the day of the surgery (and a couple of more days after that) and drive your lady to the surgery, bring her home, etc. She was seriously out of action for 2 days, but pain was easily controlled and was not an issue after 3-4 days. If you have kids, plan on cleaning the house dressing the kids, driving, buying the groceries for a week or so because she will not want to use her pectorals for a while. Volunteer for any heavy household cleaning or lifting for several weeks, again to be careful with the pecs.

My wife's recovery has been very rapid - swelling and scars are going down quickly and she felt fine in just a few days. She felt so good that she had to stay aware of the need not to exert herself too quickly. In case you wanted to know, she was eager for lovemaking in 10 days (carefully) and has been very enthusiastic since then.

My wife started out as a 36A and is now 36C-D (not quite settled down yet). She is tall and athletic and went into surgery in very good shape - now she looks FANTASTIC! I always found my wife to be very attractive but now she is Aphrodite. My wife's self-image has increased greatly with the surgery. She disclosed to me that she always fantasized about having big breasts and she is delighted to be living her fantasy. This has produced two side effects: she has turned into a sex maniac and she has bought a new wardrobe of revealing clothes.

I recommend that you support your wife in finding the best surgeon she can and pay for the best - it's worth it - not a time to be penny-wise and pound-foolish. Listen to your wife's impressions about various surgeons and support her in selecting one who listens to her and helps her to achieve her goals.


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