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Male Visitors' Stories - My Wife's Dream

It all started several years ago. My then girl friend - now wife - was obsessed with the size of her breasts. She did not like the way she looked in clothes or any revealing outfits. We dated for several years and she has tried everything from the water bra to foam to gel forms in her miracle bras.

When we decided to get married, I told myself that some day I was going to give her something that she has dreamed about for years. After two years of being married and going through the HORROR of bra shopping and trying to pick out evening dresses, I started checking for information about BA's on the Internet and came across a website that was full of information. I also learned that there were all kinds of different types from under, over, round, teardrop, rough, smooth. So I was a little confused about what would be best for my wife.

We found a doctor that has been really great so far, he has told us about all of the ups and downs. The first visit - For a week before our first visit we tried to come up with the size that we wanted. That was about impossible, you see my wife is very unsure of what she wanted. So we tried everything, and came up with a size we thought would be good about 500-550 cc. But when we got to the doctors we realized that 500-550 would not fit. You see my wife is 5'-1" or may 5'-2" and weighs around 115-120 pounds; she is very petite from the waist up.

The doctor told us that the biggest implants that he could get in would be 380 overfilled to 425. So that is the one we went with. The day of the surgery my wife still did not realize that day was going to change the rest of her life. And it did. We now are the proud owners of the "Twins". They are just the size she wanted a very full 34D.

The first couple of days were kind a rough, she was in a lot of pain and very bruised. From the first day after her whole attitude changed. But it was not until she had the stitches taken out that things began to change very fast. You see she had about 40 bras that did not fit and so we spent all night trying on bras from the dreaded bra drawer. This was after we went and bought about 6 or 8 new ones right off of the racks. Previously, she would have to go and try ever one of them on and tug and pull to get them to fit half way good. And that is when things began to go very fast. My wife is a new person, she walks with confidence and is very proud of what she has now and when she goes into a room full of people she is not intimidated by feeling that they are any more of a woman then she is.

And speaking of rooms, things in the bedroom have changed very much. My wife is now a sex maniac and she enjoys dressing and undressing with the lights on in front of me now and has began to wear the lingerie that is more revealing. This has been the best thing that has happened to my wife in her whole life and I am glad that I could be part of it. But if I can give any advise to all of the men out there, if you wife, girl-friend, etc., gets a BA "Don't touch the boobies until they are ready" this is a real mood stopper.

Bill - Columbus Ohio

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