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Male Visitors' Stories - What This Man Really Thinks!

Wyoming Husband:

It took me years to convince my wife to get implants. Now with that statement one would think I forced my wife into this and I made her do it for me. This however is not the case. My wife had small breasts and after breast feeding kids she had almost nothing left. She was very self-conscious about this. No. she was a prisoner to this.

We used to go to the stores and I would say, "that is a nice dress." She would quickly say "no". I didn't know why this was always the case until she explained to me that spaghetti straps, strapless -- anything that would not allow her to wear her padded bra -- was out. She would not go outside or meet other people without her padded bra. She was aware of her breast 24 hours a day.

She now wears a 34c bra and I am married to a whole new person. She says it it one of the greatest things to have ever happened in her life and should have done it when I first told her to. She was scared and studied the subject for years. She no longer worries about her breasts. She wears anything she wants and says she don't even think about them anymore. 18 months post.

Did I convince her because I wanted her to have big breasts for me? No. I did it because I love my wife dearly. I did it because I was sick of watching her be a prisoner to herself. Yes she looks great and my fringe benefits are even better. I loved her before she had c cups and I love her even more.

Reality. The first week afterwards is one of the hardest things I have ever done. I got almost no sleep for two days taking care of her. She was in severe pain and I did everything I could to make it better. It took courage on her part to do this and I did my part. If anybody out there thinks this is a send your other to the doc and play that night, you are wrong.

This was my wife's decision but could not have done it without my support. Big difference between support and forcing. Forty-five hundred dollars well spent. My advice to women, do your home work and do it for yourself. Every one else will be happy for you. My advice to men, Kill yourself taking care of your loved one after surgery. You are getting a great gift for years to come.

- Bill

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