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Male Visitor Stories - The Seven-Cow Wife

Gwynn's Husband Told Her This Story Recently . . .

"and what makes it special is that he does not do things like this on a regular basis. He is very quiet and generally not the most romantic soul in the world. However, he is a good man who NEVER talks badly about me to others and he is very stable and dependable. He did this while I was at work and showed me when I got home. I cried! God really is the Healer and Restorer of broken relationships!!!"
- Gwynn

It was the custom in a certain Asian country that a man seeking a bride should pay a "bride price" to the young lady's parents. Of course the price paid depended both on the desirability of the girl and the means of the suitor. A very beautiful girl from a good family could expect to spend her days living a life of ease in the home of a wealthy man.

In those days, people traded for what they needed, and livestock was the common currency. A dull, plain girl might fetch a couple of geese for her parents, while the parents of an exceptionally fine woman might receive as much as two cows. Only the wealthiest of men could afford such a fabulous dowry.

Thus, it happened that a certain very wealthy man came seeking a wife. He approached the most humble dwelling in the village, and although he could afford much "better," he asked for the hand of their daughter in marriage. The girl was considered by most to be very homely. The villagers thought, "He's so cheap, he's looking for a bargain even in a wife!"

Imagine their surprise when his offer of SEVEN cows was given, and then accepted! It was an amount completely unheard of before, especially for such a worthless girl! The happy couple were soon married. The young lady lived a life of ease, servants waited on her, and her husband doted on her.

In time, it came to pass that she dressed with discriminating good taste, she proudly held her head high, and she entertained guests in her home with dignity and style. Her rank in the community increased a hundredfold, and before long she became known less for her humble beginnings, and much more for her great beauty and grace.

After all, she was a seven-cow-wife!

For five years while I attended university and college and then for the ten years that we led our local church, we got by with very little money to spend either on ourselves or each other. Since we are both now working at secular jobs, a BA for Gwynn has become possible, though still expensive. It was an opportunity she embraced wholeheartedly, thanks in part to the encouragement she received here. The BA was something she secretly desired for a long time, and she is very happy with it.

So what do I think? I don't know what the equivalent of a seven-cow-wife is in our culture, but whatever it is, I have always had such a wife. I think Gwynn's BA has simply complemented her subtle beauty, her strong character, and her natural intelligence, grace, and charm. She's worth it!!!

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