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Male Visitors' Stories - It's worth the work! Terra's happy boyfriend . . .

Hello all! If you are a guy and your significant other is having a breast augmentation, all that I can say is "get ready" . . . to be Mr. nurse on call by the bedside, morning noon and the middle of the night. I live with my girlfriend, Terra, so its already convenient, and dont get me wrong -- I am not complaining! The results of her breast augmentation are KILLER!!! Right now she is 3 days post op and its beautiful, absolutely incredible! Wow!

There is definitely work involved for me, but nothing compared to what she is going through! Key things that helped so far: (1) take a pillow in the car for the ride back as well as water and other basic needs. (2) keep a large empty bucket near/on the bed ready for her to puke in within 2 seconds reach, (3) consider Tylenol as an alternative to other, more harsh prescription meds [talk to your doctor to make sure], (4) have juice of varying flavors, water, and a couple of sports bras ready. (5) Did I mention pillows ... oh yeah, we have 6 king size pillows and she's been using them all to prop herself up. Being the boyfriend, husband, lover, etc... its a fulltime effort, but its sooooooooooooooo worth it!!! =) =) =)

This site has provided invaluable info on the matter of augmentation... I just wanted to say thanks!

P.S. I love implants much more than real anyday... no sagging, better shape, preplanned sizing, etc. Girls, be proud or your bodies, if this surgery makes you feel more confident about yourself then by all means consider it!

Great website!

- Terra's happy boyfriend 

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