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Male Visitors' Stories - Hard but worth it for both of us . . .

Hello everybody,

My girlfriend had a BA two months ago in our home country, the Czech republic. It was done by one of our best specialist in that field, MUDr. Pavel Hlava in Karlovy Vary (Karlsbad). By the way, everyone in the USA would be probably surprised by the fact that the cost of the operation (all inclusive) + implants is not even 1500 USD over here .

What can I say? Thanks to Nicole, at first. As the time went by and the time of the operation was getting closer, www.implantinfo.com was the site I visited most frequently on the internet as I was trying to find any possible information (most of all the supportive ones). The IT department at my place of work was probably most surprised by that fact. I must also say I admire the courage of my girlfriend - I would not be so brave myself, if I should undertake something like that. Last but not least I must say that MUDr. Hlava did an excellent job.

And how did the procedure go? My girlfriend had silicone implants placed over the muscle (which is standard in Europe, unders are very rare, if it is not absolutely necessary) . They are smaller -- 200 / 225 cc . Thanks to all that - everything went well. First 3 days she had pains even laying on her back, 4th day we went to visit her parents, who did not know anything and they didn't notice it (they do not know that even today, by the way). After ten days she went back to her work. After 2 weeks she started to do some light physical exercises. It took some 5 weeks since the operation until she went the to gym for spinning for the first time and one or two other weeks till she beg a n to run again. Now (9 weeks) everything looks very naturally and she is the same as she was before - with one exception: her breasts look really great now!

For me the first week was also hard. I was quite nervous when she was being operated. I did not sleep well the night before and the one after, too. I felt sorry for her the following days. And, of course, I did everything at home. I was trying to keep the apartment as clean as possible to prevent every possible infection (I know it is a stupid idea, but it was the only thing I could think of to help her to prevent possible future complications). I did the cooking, washing, served her, washed her, took care for our dog. It was so tiring, that after a week I was in bed sick myself!

So: it was tough experienced for both of us (for her much more than for me, without doubt). But finally it was not as hard as we expected. And it was definitely worth it! . We are both very happy about the result now.

Good luck to all. 

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