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Male Visitors' Stories - Enjoy Your Feminitiy!

Hi Nicole :),

This is not a story but more a 'what men think scenario'. I hope it is appropriate for this section. It is for ladies I guess that want so much to have a breast augmentation but are being stopped by social stigma's, friends who don't understand and anyone else that gets in the way.

My own g/f has had implants and I must say, she has a beautiful pair of breasts. I, as a man of course, love them but more importantly she loves them. She is always using them to tease me! Haha. But she has so much more confidence and that is lovely to see.

When I was about 21 years of age, a couple of friends and I were having a discussion with a couple of girls who always wore very sexy clothes. The discussion centered around why they wore these clothes. Us guys argued that they wore them to attract the attention of men, after all what other reason could there be? The girls argued that they wore them because it made them feel good about themselves. What a lot of rubbish we thought!

It was not until many years later, at about the age of 35 that I understood what they meant. I had always had passion for suits but never really had any need to wear them nor the cash to buy a very good one. Eventually I found myself in a better position and so lashed out bought a beautiful Italian suit. When I did have occasion to wear that suit, I felt a million dollars! I felt so much better about myself. And that was just from wearing clothes. Now there are things I would like to have changed surgically about myself and I certainly will when I have the money.

Those girls were right on the mark. Do things to make you feel good about yourself. I just wish it did not take me ( and probably the same for all men ) so long to wake up to it.

Ladies, if taking the step to have a breast augmentation is going to make you feel better about you, then jump in with both feet! There may even be friends who say 'your nuts' or 'you should just be natural'. They are not the ones who are going to benefit from it and there may even be a twinge of jealousy there. This is your life, your feelings and your self esteem, not theirs. Imagine walking into a restaurant and all the mens heads turning or wearing that strapless dress or a dress that shows lots of cleavage :) Just don't get angry when talking to a man and he keeps looking down hehe. Enjoy it instead!

It truly is all about self confidence and your self esteem and Feeling good about you! I can almost guarantee that the men in your life are not going to complain and the men who are not in your life won't either :)

Simply put, enjoy your femininity, enjoy being a woman and most of all, enjoy yourself.

This is just my 2 cents worth :).


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