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Male Visitors' Stories -  Not all men like breast implants, I suppose . . .

This is a message from 'Tom' who gave us feedback a bit ago:

I think it's really unfortunate that you promote something that a large section of men find disgusting. The fact that one of your 'male' visitors suggest that "all men like firm and perky not flat and saggy" is ludicrous. Most men like natural women, saggy or not. Having breast implants is a form of lying.

The ONLY reason a woman should EVER have breast implants or augmentation of any kind is when there is a medical problem that would require the removal of one or both breasts. A natural, even saggy A cup is better than a fake D cup any time.


To those who are responding to this insisting that I'm a jealous, flat-chested woman: I realize the fact that there are men out there like me that hate fake breasts is something hard for you to believe, but it's true (GASP!). This is obviously shattering some of your deeply ingrained images of men in general. If you're going to respond with your opinion, try at least to make it thoughtful and intelligent rather than hateful. Please show a little respect to yourself and me.


Tom: All people--including women--prefer different sorts of breasts over others. Some may disagree with augmentation for personal reasons, but people generally find youthful looking breasts more attractive than they do older looking breasts. This is evidenced by the fact that younger women are generally deemed more attractive than older women. Why? Because mother nature wants her to procreate! For her to do that, she must attract a mate. Once she has had children, mother nature says: Mission accomplished! Your body may now deteriorate to some yet undetermined point of being less attractive than it was before you had children, e.g. Your babies can nurse your boobs flat, and when you eat calorie dense food, you can get fat.

And speaking of natural, isn't breast cancer natural? Why bother correcting the ill effects after surgery or at all? Do you or your significant other wear deodorant? I hope not, that's not natural either. And don't forget make-up, that's a form of lying too. Do you even wear clothes? I bet you do--more concealment of the real you!

What you fail to appreciate in today's society is it's current value of feminine beauty and the adverse psychological effects on those women who aren't one of the "beautiful people". EVERYONE prefers natural beauty, but you're wrong to knock those who either no longer have it or never did and want to feel better about themselves.

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