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Jason's Breast Implants Position

Jason Tells Us the Inside Scoop on His Girlfriend's Breast Implants

I am dating a girl that already planned on having breast implants well before I met her. When we first discussed it there was the nice guy reaction "you're beautiful and don't need to do it, but if it makes you happy..." and the standard guy response "my hot girlfriend is going to get hotter" Both in my mind were true, a woman can be attractive and sexy without the cleavage and this girl most certainly is. It's all a matter of how they personally feel and their self confidence. I have known some women with less than an A cup that can make every guy stop in his tracks and some that try to cover up their DDs cause they feel they are out of proportion. And another that is not attractive in any way except for her tatas which she flaunts in every situation.

Truth of the matter girls, we are just happy to be there. Although there are some guys that are very single minded in their "type" they never see past the bra straps.

I did find the feeling on implants however, does still vary amongst guys. Two comments I received amongst friends were "I don't like the way it looks" and "lucky for you". My feeling remains the same and 2 sided.

Theresa's Boyfriend Jason

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